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Barista Basics Skills Course

Barista Basics Skills Course

Do you want to be a barista? You need to know how coffee machines work. You also need techniques for making great coffee. This is the first step.

Most places that serve food and drinks sell coffee. It is important to know the basics when applying for your first job. Managers at these places value employees who understand barista basics. They will hire you if you have this knowledge.

If you don’t have much experience working in places that serve food and drinks, it can be hard to know what details and skills matter. Experienced people often apply for jobs in this industry. This makes it difficult for new people to get hired.

This online course is 45 minutes long. In the course, you will learn about the background of coffee making. You will learn how to use coffee equipment. You will learn basic skills for making coffee. You will also learn common processes.

Learning these things will help you satisfy customers better. It will also make you a valuable employee. Employers will want to hire you if you take this course.

Course Description

This non-accredited online barista course provides you a strong foundation in coffee knowledge.

Subjects covered include the history and origins of coffee, the different types of coffee and coffee styles, coffee making equipment and how to create the perfect coffee for you or your customers including how to create beautiful coffee art.

Target Group

This course is for all hospitality staff who want to learn how to make and serve coffee made using an espresso machine.

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