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Greeting and Customer Service Skills Course

Greeting and Customer Service Skills Course

How to greet patrons and make them feel welcome and comfortable in your establishment, is an art form, that can take years of trial and error to master, on your own..

Course Description

Learn important knowledge and skills for greeting customers and providing customer service in the hospitality industry. This can help you get your next job or promotion.

Managers of hospitality venues have high standards and a lot of competition. They value and hire staff with exceptional skills in communicating with customers. If you don’t have many years of experience in hospitality, it’s hard to know the specific details and skills that make a difference. With so many experienced people applying for jobs in hospitality, it’s difficult to get an opportunity.

In this 100% online, 45-minute short course, you will learn how to welcome customers to your venue all the way to dealing with complaints. You will learn how to provide the best customer service. This will give you confidence when dealing with customers. It will improve customer satisfaction and make you a highly valued employee.