Online RSA is a high integrity ethical training organisation

Making good ethical choices is at the core of Online RSA. From our commitment to quality training, environmental protection and support of ethical causes in general.

We are facing mounting pressure from cut-price online RSA courses that are pushing the support levels to near non-existant. All the while reducing learning materials to boring walls of text and making a mockery of assessment standards.

Online RSA will never stray from providing the highest quality online RSA training and assessment possible.

Despite evidence to the contrary, we remain hopeful that the training regulator will find its teeth and do its job to clean up the industry.

Carbon-neutral RSA

Online RSA believes in responsibly protecting the environment from its business activities.

Online RSA was the first and (to our knowledge) still the only carbon-neutral RSA course online in Australia.

We choose products and services that are better for the environment wherever possible and offset the remainder of our business activity.

I think we can all agree, it’s just the right thing to do, especially when the choice is this easy. Every little bit helps and sends a strong message of support for more widespread change.

You can have peace of mind that your RSA is not costing the Earth with Online RSA..

Next steps

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Which RSA do I need?

The RSA you need is based upon the State(s) you intend to work in.

Unlike other providers that force you do 2 courses - their weak RSA and a separate State-run bridging course - we have earned first class approvals from each and every individual State government body, such that our course is the only RSA course that you need to do.

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Airline cabin crew RSA

Crew onboard passenger aircraft in the sky require a national SITHFAB021 RSA certificate. Click the aeroplane or link below.