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Online RSA offers a 100% money-back satisfaction or change of mind guarantee for all purchases.

Students are entitled to a full refund within 7 days so long as the following conditions are met:

  • When a refund is requested within 7 days of purchase of the course and;
    • When no course certificates or statements of attainment have been issued.

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Which RSA do I need?

The RSA you need is based upon the State(s) you intend to work in.

Unlike other providers that force you do 2 courses - their weak RSA and a separate State-run bridging course - we have earned first class approvals from each and every individual State government body, such that our course is the only RSA course that you need to do.

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Airline cabin crew RSA

Crew onboard passenger aircraft in the sky require a national SITHFAB021 RSA certificate. Click the aeroplane or link below.