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Options for RSA Training in New South Wales (NSW)

There are 3-ways to get your RSA in New South Wales;

  • Online as a single RSA unit - you're on the right site!
  • In-class as a single unit.
  • In-class as part of a Certificate II.

New South Wales Online RSA

Getting your RSA online is quick an easy. You can enrol & start in just minutes and get your RSA certificate ASAP, possibly even the same-day.

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New South Wales In-class/face-to-face RSA or Tafe RSA

For some people, training in-person works best for their particular learning style and social skills. In that case there are some RTO's and Tafe's that can help you to schedule a class.

We don't recommend this method because of the amount of organising required, such as scheduling, travel, parking, etc.. It can also be quite intimidating for first timers. For example the face-to-face method will have you role-playing scenarios with other random students.

Certificate II in Hospitality at Tafe NSW

If you are looking to build a long-term career in the hospitality industry, then getting your full Certificate II in Hospitality at Tafe, offers a number of advantages;

  • you will learn RSA and a number of other units
  • you will be grouped with others with the same learning goals
  • you will do on the work placements and gain valuable on-the-job experience

RSA Search Terms for regions within New South Wales

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