Download your Official RSA Certificate upon completion

On completion of your Online RSA course you can download and print your official national SITHFAB021 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol statement of attainment - RSA certificate, that is issued by our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) 5 Star Online Training RTO# 45332.

State-specific RSA certificates

New South Wales and Victoria have an additional state based RSA certificate that we, as an approved provider, must manually apply for and issue to you.

In general (for efficiency) we issue all the days’ NSW/VIC RSA certificates around 5PM - sometimes it’s earlier or later, depending on whether the state based systems are undergoing maintenance or experiencing other issues.

But, if find yourself in a situation where you need your NSW/VIC RSA certificate in a hurry? Then please just let us know, as we are more than happy to jump-in and issue batches of certificates at other times of the day.

New South Wales RSA competency card

To work in New South Wales you will need your NSW Interim RSA Certificate that you will use to obtain your NSW RSA Competency Card.

We will email you when your interim certificate is ready. Then simply login to your training account to download and print.

You can work for 90 days on your interim RSA certificate, after which time you are required to have your NSW RSA Competency Card.

To obtain your competency card you must attend a Service NSW branch with your ID and interim RSA certificate. They will take your photo and issue your NSW RSA Competency Card in the mail. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your card to arrive.

We recommend that you apply for your RSA Competency Card as soon as possible.

Victorian RSA certificate

To work in Victoria you need your Liquor Control Victoria RSA Certificate of Completion.

We will email you when your VIC RSA certificate is ready. Then simply login to your training account to download and print.

Your employer will need to keep a copy of this RSA certificate on record.

Next steps

Choose your State or territory to learn more about the RSA requirements and to get started.

Which RSA do I need?

The RSA you need is based upon the State(s) you intend to work in.

Unlike other providers that force you do 2 courses - their weak RSA and a separate State-run bridging course - we have earned first class approvals from each and every individual State government body, such that our course is the only RSA course that you need to do.

Click your State on the map or the list below;

Airline cabin crew RSA

Crew onboard passenger aircraft in the sky require a national SITHFAB021 RSA certificate. Click the aeroplane or link below.