Online RSA Reviews and Testimonials

We take great pride in our work and are delighted to share some of the feedback we have received from our past students. Thank you to all who participated.

These reviews provide valuable insights into our services and help us improve our offerings to better serve you.

On completion of the course we would love to hear from you too! So be sure to share your experience and help us continue to improve.

Flexibility of being able to spend as much time as you wish on aspects you find more difficult and to be able to easily go back to revise these. Newcastle, NSW
The SIMBAR simulation was lots of fun and a good way to apply the theory to real life simulations St Kilda, VIC
The marking was done very quickly Coburg, VIC
It was all online and I could work on it at any time of day or night Burwood, VIC
I liked the simulations! Even though it was an online course, the simulations made it feel more like real life. Gymea, NSW
As you promised, the drinks pouring section was a fun little mini-game style assessment. West End, QLD
The simulations were good and the practice of recording what you would say in certain situations at the end was helpful. Mindarie, WA
Incorporation of visual, audio and reading learning styles. Help desk was useful and easy to access. Snowtown, SA
The information was clear and easy to understand Glen Waverley, VIC
Very easy to follow and understand Canterbury, VIC
The material was simple to understand and the way the course guided me through it so I never felt out of my depth. North Sydney, NSW
The best aspects were the SIMBAR activities and the drink mixing practice. SIMBAR was useful in dealing with patrons and the drink section was beneficial to see all the various glassware and standard drink measuring devices Adelaide, SA
The tools shown and information on the refusal of service, were helpful in how to express yourself in a positive and polite manner. Mount Duneed, VIC
Very good easy to understand and follow information which allowed you to go back and look at information if required Healesville, VIC
The best aspects included the simulations and video examples which made the material clearer and cemented my understandings Carrara, QLD
Everything was very well designed and the flow of the course worked really well in helping my to understand and a absorb the information portrayed to me. Mount Gambier, SA
Was broken up into good size sections. Was a lot of information but I was able to take most of it in. It’s great you can do it from your home. Kamerunga, QLD
The best aspects of the training is you don’t need to spend a lot of time on traffic to study in the facility, and you can manage your time at home to log in whenever you want, without any worries. Chadstone, VIC
Informal assessment quiz and games in between, they make the assessment process interesting. The way drinks preparation assessment has been incorporated is quite exciting and unique. Hawthorn East, VIC
The Bar Simulator was the best aspect as it allowed for an accurate guide on what its like to pour drinks. Eudlo, QLD
Great variety in scenarios of patrons we will experience and practise I suppose, also good quality information on the industry Fulham Gardens, SA
The videos demonstrating ‘behind the bar’ on how to handle all the situations was most interesting and helpful. Mannuem, QLD
How easy it was to do at home, and the explanations were very clear so it was easy to learn and follow. Onkaparinga Hills, SA
Clarity of information in the sessions, good use of video demonstrations. Good resources. All easily navigated. North Warrandyte, VIC
The mini tests throughout the modules. I thought these were helpful when completing the assessments at the end of each module. St Kilda East, VIC
I was glad I was taught about how to use the equipment and the names of different drinks and glasses as it has made it less stressful for my induction shift. Wakerley, QLD
How in depth all of the different questions go into. This training gives you a wide range of in depth knowledge about RSA training and the experiences that come with it. The webcam recordings also give a more personal hands on approach to learning which I enjoyed. Fannie Bay, NT
The simulated training was the best part. I enjoyed the learning process and the practical approach was really helpful. Coconut Grove, NT
I was very surprised with the course, very in depth and actually learnt a lot from it, would recommend people to do it even if not for work but just for their own benefit and to learn about alcohol. Katherine East, NT
I liked how the training allowed me to learn how to react to a wide range of situations so now I feel more prepared for going into this industry. Cossack, NT
It demonstrated very clearly and easily to understand. I love the pictures and videos shown in the courses. Darwin, NT
Besides the convenience of this course being presented through an online medium, the best aspect of the training is probably the organisation of the units and the in-depth explanations, preparing me for different circumstances I may encounter. Leanyer, NT
The resources were easy to access and had plenty of information to go back on. The course including ‘chapters’ and their sub-sections was incredibly useful. Having simulations to watch and having a chance to react to someone in that setting makes it feel easier to apply these to real world situations. O’Connor, ACT
I liked that it wasn’t just reading of material, but little quizzes and videos to break up the training. Waramanga, ACT
I learnt a lot. Didn’t realise how complicated bar service is and how strict the penalties were for infringements. Learning how to select glasses and pour beverages was fun. Mawson, ACT
The interactive nature and that you could do the millionaires quiz before the actual assessment so that you with confident in your knowledge. Acton, ACT
I could take each section after work - If I had to go to a classroom I would have to take a day off work and I can not afford that at present. Banks, ACT
I think the simulations were one of the best aspects of the training, as they really gave you the choice of how to handle the situation. The recording also was good because it proves the person doing the training does know what to say to a patron. Banks, ACT
I liked that the training used many different techniques to help my learning such as interactive sections. I also found it a lot faster and easier to complete the course when I could listen to the voice speaking. Watson, ACT
The best part was being able to watch videos of real life scenarios; it allowed me to grasp truly what is required of me. The presentations being interact was also very helpful, it made the experience more interesting and engaging! Scottsdale, TAS
Despite being online, the course did a great job of simulating environments. I did an in class RSA in high school and I believe this one was easier to follow and more comprehensive than that in-person one. South Launceston, TAS
Flexibility to complete the course in own time; videos demonstrating various scenarios and techniques for dealing with them, tips from professional hospitality staff, all the resources for all the states, fast assessments, emailed reminders. It was all really well done. Blackmans Bay, TAS
The videos were informative and the SIMBAR was helpful. I liked the recap test before the assessments. Acton Park, TAS
I loved the SIMBAR virtual training, it felt very realistic and I know I will be able to apply to real life scenarios Natone, TAS
The fact that the information was read aloud. I really appreciated this. It made the course less tedious. Burnie, TAS
Good sense of progression as each section was not too long. Clear explanations. Good resources to be downloaded for future reference. South Hobart, TAS
Having virtual situations that I had to try and create a verbal response. While I had some technical issues with the setup, it was probably the closest approximation to doing an actual in person role play of those kinds of scenarios, and really helped me think about what I was going to say and how I was going to approach that situation, should it happen if I’m behind a bar. South Yunderup, WA
I liked how there were so many different things that put the whole RSA training together. The information that was displayed was really helpful and I got it pretty quickly. Bindoon, WA
The web recording was the best part because it gives you the opportunity to practice your responses for real life situations and also get a feedback to improve on if necessary. Innaloo, WA
I really liked the simulator and how I had options on how to act as it was really helpful to identify what to do in difficult situations before I have to encounter them first hand. Doubleview, WA
The videos were direct and to the point, helping to understand the law requirements and the responsibilities of staff serving alcohol Mandurah, WA
The best aspect of the training in my opinion was the amount of rehearsal practice and webcam video requirements as they give you an idea of how you should act when refusing service to an individual. Carlisle, WA
The SIMBAR was great and made me confident by being able to use the information I’d learned. also the layout of information followed by a short assessment rather than an overload of information and a big test at the end Australind, WA
In my opinion, the best aspect of the training were the instructional videos. They were made so to be short and very easy to understand, which made remembering the content a lot easier. Pomona, QLD
Videos, Visual cues. etc. Information is easier to relate to and understand when in picture and video form. Overall easier to digest Highland Park, QLD
The interactivity of the training is a shining aspect. I also enjoyed the hands-on experience with the webcam recordings. Aitkenvale, QLD
Easy to use, quick. It can be done not just at once but a little bit when you have time. Practical exercises are a good thing. I especially loved the ‘preparing and serving drinks’ exercise! Cannonvale, QLD
Being able to complete it in my own time around my other commitments was ideal. Links to further information, etc was also very good. Milton, QLD
It was very thorough, I liked the simulations and the videos in the training. They were very helpful and informative. Greenbank, QLD
The best aspect is the way the course separated state or territories for each section so that we can choose the necessary information that we need for the state we live in or where we plan to work instead of dumping everything on us and forcing us to retain information that may be unnecessary for us to know. The videos and interactive quizzes and simulations were very helpful as well. Penshurst, NSW
I could do the reading and studying at any time. Flexibility and complete information are the best features of this course. Currans Hill, NSW
It gave me confidence that I could handle situations within the industry, through the video lectures. Sanctuary Point, NSW
Very easy to understanding training and well information. Also when I get wrong or something hard support teacher always very helpful. Canterbury, NSW
The videos showing the simulated scenarios I found very helpful and I enjoyed the mixing drink module Warren, NSW
I enjoyed viewing the videos of bar staff, managers, owners etc working in action and highlighting scenarios in busy bars / hotels. Wollombi, NSW
I felt that the training was very well structured and flowed logically. There was a wealth of information provided and the presentations and videos were very helpful in getting important points across. It was extremely helpful that the course could be completed at my own pace which remove any stress. Bellevue Hill, NSW
The attention to detail in the training was good, it forced me to pay attention and go through the reading material. I know that I have learned more from doing it this than if I were in a face-to-face class. However it took me a lot longer. The revisiting of concepts throughout the training was very useful at reinforcing knowledge. The support was helpful and timely. Ballina, NSW
The best aspects of the training were the step-by-step process as it could be completed at one’s own pace and the inclusion of guidance if a question was answered incorrectly rather than just marking it as wrong. Rouse Hill, NSW
I thought the extent of the information discussed was the best aspect. For example, information covering all states and territories, and the effects of alcohol and how it affects the community. Coburg, VIC
The tools shown and information on the refusal of service, were helpful in how to express yourself in a positive and polite manner. Mount Duneed, VIC
It could be left and then come back to at any time with no progress loss, also how quickly the answers were marked. Greensborough, VIC
The best aspect was being forced to practice cutting someone off. This is one of the hardest parts of hospitality work, I found, and I feel more confident in my ability to refuse service now. It did feel very awkward 86-ing my computer, but I thought for the purposes of the course it was well done. It made the course more difficult than previous courses, but I think the benefit is worth it as you will definitely be fronted with these situations frequently in the job. Malvern East, VIC
Being able to practice in a theory sense and then use it in the SimBar to simulate a more real world experience Footscray, VIC
I can definitely pick the new hires who have done certain other ’leading’ online RSA courses. They are less prepared to deal with real customers and more likely to make mistakes. And these are the kind of mistakes that could cost the business a massive fine, or worse! Southbank, VIC
We have been using Online RSA for a number of years and I can confidently say that all staff members who have been trained by them have exceeded expectations and performed their duties without any issues. The extra barista & food handling courses are also well worth having staff trained in. Sydney, NSW
The information was presented clearly, and the practice section was helpful to reinforce the information learned. Subiaco, WA