About Online RSA

Online RSA is a partnership between a highly regarded registered training organisation, 5 Star Online Training and one of Australia’s most innovative online training platforms, Enrolo by eLearning Portal.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our learning material and are constantly innovating to improve learner experience and learning outcomes. Unlike PDF based online learning, our learning is highly engaging with videos, voice-overs, games, challenges, simulated environments and challenging assessments.

We are a training partnership that recognises that a healthy planet and healthy ecosystems are essential to everyone’s future. This means we use ethical banking and superannuation, 100% renewable power, and we offset our remaining carbon by planting trees and encouraging biodiversity. When buying our online courses you can be confident that your training isn’t costing the earth.

We support the Great Forest National Park, a community initiative to establish a national park in Victoria’s unique Central Highlands.

Registered Training Organisation

5 Star Online Training

5 Star Online Training Pty Ltd a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #45332). 5 Star Online Training delivers hospitality training via qualified trainers, online in all Australian states and territories.

5 Star Online Training on the Web

Online Learning Environment

Enrolo LMS

The learning environment is hosted by Enrolo who have been delivering training in partnership with registered training organisations since 2011.

5 Star Online Training and Enrolo have a strong commitment to, high quality learning outcomes, sustainability and the environment including:

Carbon Neutral

We are passionate about looking after the environment, so naturally we became Australia’s first carbon-neutral RSA training provider! None of our bank accounts or superannuation funds are invested in coal. For the small quantity of consumables that we use in the office that we have not already been able to offset, we plant trees and assist with increasing biodiversity via Carbon Neutral.

Carbon Neutral

100% Renewable Wind and Solar Power


100% of electricity used in eLearning Portal’s offices comes from either wind or solar-generated power. This energy is supplied by Powershop. When the electricity grid goes down, we have a mobile solar panel and backup battery power supply that can meet our main office power needs . If you would like $50 off to switch to Powershop, please click here and request a Powershop referral.

Ethical Superannuation

Australian Ethical Superannuation

Australian Ethical Superannuation Our default employee superannuation scheme is Australian Ethical which only invests in ethical non-fossil fuel related industries.

Sustainable Paper Products

Ethical Paper

We have taken the Ethical Paper pledge. We only buy ethical paper that is from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sources. We NEVER use Reflex copy paper which comes from critically endangered species habitat.

Great Forest National Park

Great Forest National Park

We are proud supporters of the Great Forest National Park initiative in Victoria and will be working with other supporters including leading universities on developing an educational programme for the park.