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RSA training and certification steps

RSA Online

Get your RSA Online certificate on the same day.  RSA Online training is available 24/7 via this site and qualified trainers are available to help with your RSA Online training during business hours via a free 1300 phone number.

RSA Online Details

  • RSA Online One fee - No additional fees or charges.
  • RTO #45332 is an official provider of RSA Online
  • You can start RSA online training in 2 minutes.
  • You can print your RSA Online PDF statement of attainment on the same day, once you successfully complete your training, which may require speaking to a trainer.
  • Qualified online RSA trainers are available on 1300 toll free number during business hours.
  • RSA courses available for all states and territories - see the state page for details.

RSA Online Refusal of Service

Many students have told us that before doing our online RSA course they were "worried about how they would deal with aggressive, intoxicated people who may not take no for an answer when refused service".  After completing the RSA online course most students say that they feel much more confident in relation to refusal of service and that the best aspect of the online RSA training is the online simulated environment for refusal of service.   We received so many requests for more interactive video scenarios that we have done exactly that and doubled the number of scenarios for you to practice.

RSA Online Value for Money

When choosing a RSA Online course make sure you consider the following before going for the cheapest course on the market:

  • Will the RSA Online course have an interactive video simulation so you can gain confidence in how to refuse service in an online simulated environment?
  • Is the "Online RSA" course actually online or will it be via email correspondence? 
  • If you get stuck with the online RSA learning material will there be someone on the other end of the phone to talk to or will you have to talk to answering machines?
  • Will you get your online RSA certificate on the same day that you complete the training?
  • Is the online RSA course engaging with games, videos and scenarios or is it just someone reading a PDF to you on screen?
  • Is the registered training organisation actually registered to deliver the online RSA training in the state where you need to work?
  • Will the content of the online rsa training relate to the State or Territory legislation where you need to work?
  • Is there a free 1300 phone number if you need to speak with an online rsa trainer and are they available?
  • Does the site have independent customer reviews?  Try sorting the reviews by worst to best and see if people get frustrated.
  • Will the online RSA course actually teach you enough to avoid fines of up to $60,000 for you and your employer?
  • Watch out for cheap online RSA courses that may have hidden fees or expectations that you buy extra training that you do not need.
  • Do the providers stand by their online RSA and training services and offer you a 100% money-back guarantee?
  • Is there a secure  payment gateway with https and a secure and trusted payment gateway?