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Students ❤ Online RSA

I was glad I was taught about how to use the equipment and the names of different drinks and glasses as it has made it less stressful for my induction shift. Wakerley, QLD
I could do the reading and studying at any time. Flexibility and complete information are the best features of this course. Currans Hill, NSW
As you promised, the drinks pouring section was a fun little mini-game style assessment. West End, QLD

Try for Yourself

Get a feel for our course with a quick refusal of service activity. Please be aware the demo contains sound and starts with a loud wooohooo!

Tip: Try the wrong answer and watch our actors have some fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old do you have to be to get an RSA?

There is no practical age limit on getting your RSA, but, as an minor under the age of 18, you will not be permitted to sell or serve alcohol anywhere in Australia, ie. even with an RSA.

That said, it is not unusual for minors to obtain an RSA and there are several benefits;

  • Gain a good understanding of the effects of alcohol on the body.
  • Better aware of the environment you may be working in as a waiter or in food prep.
  • Able to collect used glasses from tables as a RSA is required for that task.
  • Are overall less risky to the business - some venues require all staff to be certified.
  • Can begin serving alcohol on the day you turn 18.
2. How long do RSA statement of attainments last for?

It depends on the State and the RSA certificate.

The national unit of competency Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol SITHFAB201 statement of attainment itself never expires.

But, certain States such as ACT require your training to be refreshed every 3 years and the NSW RSA competency card has a 5 year expiry.

3. Can I get my RSA today, same-day?

If it's before 11:00 AM (Melbourne time) on a weekday, then yes it should be possible, but you had best get moving!

Generally it's better to take your time and aim for the next business day.

But if you do find yourself in rush, please let us know and we'll do our best to keep an eye out for your assessments and prioritise accordingly.

4. Are there any additional fees to pay?

No, there is no more to pay than what you choose to pay today. (options below)

It seems obvious, but we are aware of unscrupulous providers appearing 'cheap' but charging hidden fees for;

  • Basic support - like, seriously!
  • Re-marking if you answer incorrectly - nobody's perfect.
  • Issuing your certificate - start free now, trap you later!
  • Unnecessary & non-standard RSA cards - not accepted by employers.

Warning: We are aware of at least 1 company advertising non-accredited 'introduction' RSA courses. (amongst others) Please don't fall for these scam courses! Only RSA certificates issued by Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are valid and accepted by employers. There is no need to do an introductory course, everything you need to know will be well-covered in our fully accredited RSA courses.

5. Do you price-match competitors?

In short, no, because the quality of our course and the effort our trainers put in, is far-far superior to any competitor and especially those undercutting our fair pricing.

And what are we talking about here really, the price of 1 or 2 drinks out.. the 'cost' might be losing shifts, or a great job entirely, because of a silly mistake due to subpar training.

As a highly ethical business, we have invested back heavily into improving our course and systems. And we've been here the longest too - (there can be only one - we are the original)

The quality of our courses has earned us first class approvals from ALL States, whereas cheaper foes will be missing one or more of VIC, NSW, TAS, SA or ACT - the reason being, is these States have more arduous (responsible) approval vetting, to weed out poor providers. Simply put, those cheaper courses would not pass - instead they'll have you do a completely unrelated States course, then fob you off to a separate 'bridging course', that's a big red flag right there! Not to mention a waste of your time and the additional hidden costs.

We understand times are tough and every dollar counts, but we honestly and ethically deliver value for money and often go above and beyond for our students! Their 'cheap' is just that, cheap.

And if you start our course and change your mind about getting an RSA (maybe the job offer falls though) you are covered by our 7 day, 100% money-back guarantee. Fair!

6. What are the terms of your money-back guarantee?

We are proud to offer a 100% money-back guarantee under fair and reasonable conditions;

  • where the refund is requested within 7 days of purchase
  • and; you have not completed the course and qualified for your certificate.

If the course is so good, then why would we need to offer a guarantee?

There are occasions where a person changes their mind about getting an RSA today. Maybe a job offer falls though or their only computer/internet connection explodes. In any case we have you covered.

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More ❤ From Our Students

Easy to use, quick. It can be done not just at once but a little bit when you have time. Practical exercises are a good thing. I especially loved the ‘preparing and serving drinks’ exercise! Cannonvale, QLD
The SIMBAR was great and made me confident by being able to use the information I’d learned. also the layout of information followed by a short assessment rather than an overload of information and a big test at the end Australind, WA
I really liked the simulator and how I had options on how to act as it was really helpful to identify what to do in difficult situations before I have to encounter them first hand. Doubleview, WA

QLD RSA Online Details

  • This RSA course contains specific Queensland RSA content and is recognised by QLD Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation .
  • The SITHFAB021 statement of attainment that will be issued, is valid in QLD as well as ACT, NT, SA, TAS & WA.
  • Delivery combines online learning and assessment with practical demonstration of skills assessment via video from a suitable physical simulated environment.
  • Duration: between 4-12 hours depending on prior experience and learning ability.
  • If you get stuck, our qualified and experienced RSA trainers are ready to help via our online ticketing system, during business hours, AEST. Once you lodge a ticket our trainers will respond as soon as they reach your ticket in the queue, either by email or call back, as is appropriate.

Learning Outcomes

  • A statement of attainment for the nationally recognised unit of competency Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol SITHFAB021.

Pathways Information

Achievement of this unit provides credit towards qualifications in tourism, travel, hospitality, events, holiday parks and resorts in the SIT Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package.

Requirements and Equipment

  • A desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Any broadband Internet connection.
  • A modern standards compliant web browser.
  • Speakers or headphones.
  • Video recording device - your smartphone or webcam are perfect choices.
  • Students must successfully complete a language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) assessment prior to starting the course.

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What you will learn

With 3-9 hours of engaging online content and (optional) additional supplementary reading, there is plenty of material available for you to understand how to:

  • Assess and monitor the levels of intoxication of patrons
  • Refuse to provide alcohol to intoxicated patrons
  • Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
  • Assess alcohol-affected customers and identify customers to whom sale or service must be refused
  • Sell or serve alcohol responsibly
  • Detect and prevent underage drinking
  • Legally sell, serve and promote alcohol
  • Measure standard drinks and advise patrons

How you will be assessed

This QLD RSA course combines online learning and assessment plus video demonstration of skills in a physical simulated environment. The online learning is broken into several topics or sections. At the end of each section, a written assessment will be presented and you will be required to answer all questions correctly. If you get a question wrong, you will be directed to review the course material, after which you may reattempt the question. If you give too many wrong answers, you will be locked out of the assessment and must contact one of our qualified RSA trainers for assistance. Case studies and a simulated bar environment require you to implement what you have learnt in typical online practical scenarios.

Your formal assessment activities have been mapped back to the unit of competency Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol SITHFAB021. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to responsibly sell or serve alcohol and to satisfy the requirements for responsible sale and service of alcohol under Queensland legislation.

How long will the assessments take

You will have 1-3 hours of assessment across the following types of assessment:

Online written assessments:

  • Section 01 Why Serve Alcohol Responsibly
  • Section 02 Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
  • Section 03 Minors
  • Section 04 Unduly Intoxicated and Disorderly Patrons
  • Section 05 Responsible Hospitality
  • Section 06 Other Issues
  • SIMBAR Assessment

Interactive simulations:

  • SIMBAR Interactive Simulation

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Learning skills required

To ensure you receive an adequate level of support with your training and assessment, please consider the following questions:

Do you consider yourself to have any disability, special needs, reading or writing difficulties that may have an impact on your ability to complete this online course?
Do you believe you have the literacy skills to read and interpret documents such as:

  • Identification (ID) cards?
  • Proof of age cards and driver's licences?
  • Statutory signage and warning signs?
  • Wording within advertising or promotional material, such as in-house policies and procedures and any other general plain English regulatory and advisory information issued by local, or state and territory liquor licensing authorities?

Do you believe that you have the numeracy skills to measure and calculate standard drinks or samples and calculate blood alcohol levels to determine alcohol consumption?
If you are not confident that you will understand any of the components of this online training, contact us and we will make arrangements to assist you in your training, or offer you face to face training if available in your area.

Existing experience

If you feel that you have existing skills, knowledge and experience to meet the unit of competency and assessment requirements we may be able to offer you a tailored learning pathway. Please contact us for further consultation.

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Your Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Starting from the 1st of January 2015, the federal government added a requirement that everyone undertaking nationally recognised training in Australia must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

During our course enrolment process you will be asked to provide your USI - or if you don't already have one, we will help you through the process of applying for your USI online. It is essential that the details you provide when applying for your USI match with the details and primary ID that you provide to us when you enrol for our Online RSA. This is because these details must match for your statement of attainment to be validated by the government system, otherwise this may cause issues with the validity of your qualification.

In rare circumstances, you may need to speak directly with the government staff to provide further details. We will notify you if this is the case.

For further details, please see our frequently asked questions USI topic.

Roles and Quality Assurance

5 Star Online Training RTO#45332 is responsible for the quality of the training and assessment that you will receive. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) we must:

  • Provide quality training and assessment.
  • Comply with the Standards for RTOs 2015.
  • Issue AQF certification.
  • Respect your consumer rights.

Before purchase, please review this additional Information:

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Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol for QLD

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It's the reason we can confidently offer you a 100%, no questions asked, 7-day money back guarantee* if you're not totally satisfied.

On completion of the course, download and print your SITHFAB021 RSA certificate, required for work in Queensland and also recognised in ACT, NT, SA, TAS & WA.

Duration:4-12 hours
Details:As above
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This course is considered the minimum requirement for anyone handling, or working around food service, in all states and territories.

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How to greet patrons and make them feel welcome and comfortable in an establishment, is an art form, that can take years of trial and error to master, on your own..

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