Introduction to Wine - the top 10 things you need to know (non accredited)


If you're going to be serving alcohol you will probably also be serving wine, so it may help your employment prospects if you know more about wine than "it comes in two colours".  By completing this course you will be able to show potential employers in the restaurant or bar industry that you have some knowledge about wine and know how to have a conversation with customers to help them with purchases.  

You may be surprised how much you already know about wine especially since the experts don't even agree.  Check out this video on the right and then make sure you complete your free wine training included with your RSA training bundle.

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Online Course Duration

The course is 100% online and takes approximately 1 hr including a short assessment

Course Sections

This course covers the following topics:

  1. Wine types are huge & radically diverse
  2. Historical & cultural factors
  3. Impossible to know it all
  4. Where grapes are grown
  5. Ways to categorise wine
  6. Common wine varieties
  7. Ingredients matter a bit
  8. Winemakers have an impact
  9. Even the experts don’t agree
  10. Conversations


On successful completion of this introduction to wine training you will receive a certificate of completion. This document does not constitute a certificate of accreditation or a statement of attainment.