Online RSA Refresher Course

All of Online RSA’s fully accredited RSA courses can be used as RSA refresher courses too.

In the case that you have already done a prior RSA course and understand the concepts, you are able to fast-forward through those parts of the learning material.

PLEASE NOTE: we are a highly ethical registered training organisation. Our RSA assessment is high-integrity and won’t allow students to simply guess their way through. There is ample training material for anyone to learn RSA from scratch and we provide all the expert support you may require.

Why do I need to refresh my RSA?

Each year the state and territory governments will make a number of changes to the RSA legislation that needs to be incorporated into the course. These things usually consist of new state/territory laws & regulations, temporary measures and almost always changes to fines.

Less often a whole new RSA unit of competency is released, which affects what and how we need to train you.

The RSA renewal schedule is set to ensure everyone working with alcohol is given these critical updates in a timely fashion.

When is a RSA Refresher required?

In the ACT: you must renew your RSA qualification every 3 years. Your certificate should have a date of expiry reminder for ACT, but if it doesn’t, you just need to manually add 3 years to the issue date. Be sure to renew your RSA on time as personal and business fines apply if you are found with an expired RSA.

In NSW: your competency card will expire every 5 years. You must do the NSW government’s RSA refresher course to renew your competency card.

In all other states/territories the recommendation is to renew your RSA qualification;

  • if you have been out of the industry for more than 12 months.
  • or, every 3 years if you have been continually working in licensed venues.

Next steps

Choose your State or territory to learn more about the RSA requirements and to get started.

Which RSA do I need?

The RSA you need is based upon the State(s) you intend to work in.

Unlike other providers that force you do 2 courses - their weak RSA and a separate State-run bridging course - we have earned first class approvals from each and every individual State government body, such that our course is the only RSA course that you need to do.

Click your State on the map or the list below;

Airline cabin crew RSA

Crew onboard passenger aircraft in the sky require a national SITHFAB021 RSA certificate. Click the aeroplane or link below.