Start and complete your Online RSA the Same-Day

Yes, with Online RSA it’s possible to start and finish your RSA course all on the same day.

To set your expectations, we generally mark during business hours AEST, Monday to Friday. So realistically to complete all in one day you should be getting started before 12pm - unless you have prior RSA knowledge.

Most people complete by the next business day.

If you are in a hurry to work ’tonight’ though, please let our RSA trainer team know and we will keep an eye out for your assessments and do our best to prioritise marking them. There is no charge for this, we aim to get everyone through as quick as possible anyway.

The same goes for State RSA certificate lodgement, we’ll regularly lodge batches of NSW & VIC certificates after hours and over the weekend.

Next steps

Choose your State or territory to learn more about the RSA requirements and to get started.

Which RSA do I need?

The RSA you need is based upon the state(s) you intend to work in.

Unlike other providers that force you do 2 courses - their weak RSA and a separate State-run bridging course - we have earned first class approvals from each and every individual State, such that our course is the only RSA course that you need to do.

Click your State on the map or the list below;

Airline cabin crew RSA

Service onboard passenger aircraft in the sky requires a national SITHFAB021 RSA certificate. Click the aeroplane or link below.